Dendritic Opalized Palm Wood Fossil Necklace
Hawk Flying Pendant
Mary's Charoite and Diamond pendant
Katie's pendant
Bowhead Whale DNA
Agate Winged Butterfly Pendant
Fluorite Bar and Disc
Frank Healy's Pietersite Pendant
Pietersite Pendant Back Side
Tahitian Pearl pendant
Krummholz pendant
Krummholz pendant - reverse
Two Birds
Two Worlds pendant 1
Two Worlds pendant 2
Labradorite Dogwood pendant
Reverse of Labradorite pendant
Ruby Zoisite and Amethyst
Carved Obsidian
Czech Glass button pendant
Coral Bead necklace
Memory Stone
 The reverse of the Memory Stone necklace has a halibut cut out of the bezel, exposing the back side of the stone. This is one of the overfished species of Newfoundland, and we found the carcass of an illegally caught halibut on that same beach.
Swim Again
Kookaburra pendant
Dragonfly with heirloom ruby and diamonds
Opalized Ammonite Neck Wire 1
Opalized Ammonite Neck Wire 2
"Dragonfly" PMC fine silver, amazonite, sterling neck wire
Turquoise pendant and freeform rondelle beads
Cat lentil bead focal in PMC fine silver with hematite and sterling
Reverse side of cat lentil bead
Opal pendant with Czech glass bead crochet
"Northern Forest" Hand cut sterling framed turquoise, copper bird, bead crochet
"Northern Forest" copper bird detail
Aventurine Leaf
Reverse side of Aventurine Leaf
"Psychedelic Hops" crocheted dyed mother of pearl beads
PMC fine silver oak leaf with chrysoprase
Pyritized ammonite with Miyuki Delica seed bead crochet
Charoite set in silver with amethyst bead crochet
"Gammy Bird" Newfoundland agate with silver
"Mercury" Jasper set in sterling
Australian Ribbon Stone set in silver
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